Commercial Bloggers Need to Learn Blogging Etiquette

Lately, I have been noticing quite a few new bloggers go on purely social networking sites and set up a free-blog and then post an advertisement. This is obviously not the intended use of these types of non-commercial blogs, and yes, having been in business for many years before retirement, I realize the need to get your name out there, but it is not building credibility using such drive-by advertising blog post tactics.

This has got me thinking this week about what is really needed. Small Business folks need to learn about “Blogging for Business” and then the need to set up their own blogs elsewhere. They need to learn how to communicate with their customers, vendors and build their brands through informational soft selling. A business blog can do that, if it’s done correctly. This need in the market place is real; obviously we can see that from these types of blog posts on these free social networking blogs.

Thus, it is my contention that someone should consider writing an eBook to give away online that will assist business owners, as they learn how to set up their Business Blogs correctly, rather than posting advertisement type blogs on non-commercial social networking sites. Here is a sample table of contents that I believe makes sense for such an eBook:

Table of Contents


Chapter 1: The Changing Tide of Conventional Marketing

Information Overload and Data Smog
Shelf Life vs. 24/7 Internet
Online Cost Advantages

Chapter 2: Social Networking and Business Blogs

A Conversation with the Customer
Motivating the Team
Uniting Company with Customers, Buyers and Vendors

Chapter 3: Informational Selling Without Pressure

Educating the Consumer
Establishing Expert Status
Completing the Feedback Loop

Chapter 4: Setting Up Your Blog

Careful Profile Creation
Comment Approval
Picking a Name

Chapter 5: Making Your Business Blog Successful

Consistency of Posts
Quality of Posts
Relevancy to the Target Reader

Chapter 6: “Buzz Marketing” Rules

FTC Definitions
Proper Disclosure and Disclaimers
Fairness in Advertising and Marketing

Chapter 7: Capturing Loyal Readers

Degrees of Separation Theory
Email Lists and Blog Subscribers
Measuring Success

Chapter 8: SEO Strategies

Key Wording and Long Tail Theories
Link Back Tips
Search Engine No – No’s

Chapter 9: Building Brand

Excitement and Buzz
Brand Identity Strategies

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