The Scoop on Billboards and Outdoor Advertising

All About Outdoor Advertising

There currently exists a trend in print advertising – less words that openly promote the product, and more thought provoking visuals. There is also the trend that goes like, the bigger the size, the bigger the benefits. This specifically pertains to the business of outdoor advertising.

When one says outdoor advertising, most probably, he pertains to bulletin boards, otherwise known as billboards. Billboards are basically those big poster things we usually see along the sidewalks on major thoroughfares as well as on the walls of skyscrapers.

On Billboard Advertising

Billboards are different from advertising posters in the sense that they follow certain rules with regards to sizing and material used. Billboards are larger in size and are made of more durable material than posters. This is basically because billboards are meant to be seen by a larger and more far flung audience than posters. Also, it is because of the places where billboards and posters are typically situated. Billboards are often placed along highways and they are often at a distance and on very high places, whereas posters are simply meant to be positioned within the reach and eye level of passers by.

As per dimensions, the typical sizes of bulletin boards come in 14 feet for the height and 48 feet for the width. There are also bulletin boards with heights of 12 feet, 10 feet, 10 feet 6 inches, 14 feet, and 20 feet. As per the width, these are often pegged at 24 feet, 40 feet, 36 feet, 48 feet, 60 feet, and 24 feet.

Tips in Setting Up Billboards

Billboards are best most especially when they are situated along major thoroughfares as well as along roads which lead to business districts and major commercial areas where a lot of people are known to pass through most of the time. And, this everybody needs to understand, billboards are not just for the bigger companies, but for the small companies as well. But the billboard advertising thing would definitely work if the business is one that has a wide client base. Examples of these kinds of businesses include food chains, drug stores, car dealers, pet supply shops, and housekeeping and home improvement service shops.

It may also help if the business establishment can have billboards positioned on major transport terminals, such as on train stations and bus stations. They could even avail of wrap advertising for the body of the buses and the trains as well.

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